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Personal Information Protection Policies

ASIAN JOB EXPRESS (AJE) and the organizing companies recognize that all personal information (defined as information which can identify the specific individual by a specific piece or combined with other information) provided by candidates of AJE must be handled and protected with the utmost care in good faith, with respect for individual privacy. You may provide personal information to AJE, including your background experience and contact information. In addition, AJE may collect information from third parties for reference. The information collected may be used to make contact with you (including notification of application deadline or interview details by phone call or E-mail), to manage the hiring process, or to retain for a year and use to consider other positions that you may match in the organizing company.

Collected information will never be provided abroad or to third parties other than AJE headquarters or organizing companies, which covers sufficient standard of personal information protection (including password and data backup management, and security control measures)

Notwithstanding the foregoing, when AJE determines that you may put AJE or any third party at a disadvantage, the collected information may be disclosed by AJE or organizing companies to the third party in question, the police or any other competent authority.

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